Tanya Cunnington

My work has, for many years been inspired by personal nostalgia. This particular body of work is derived from the significant events of the last year and a half of my life and the many changes within that time frame, including pregnancy, the birth of my son, the deaths of loved ones, and moving back to my home town.

After a long exploration with collage and mixed media, I have returned to painting, combining both imagery and abstraction. In the past, I relied on collaged items to trigger memories and create personal meaning within each painting. Now, through paint I am relying on subject matter in order to convey a sort of visual diary. Each painting is also very much about the moment in which I create it, which in itself becomes very nostalgic for me.

Ultimately, each of us has unique personal experiences, and therefore a set of unique personal memories. It is the nostalgia for these memories that I think we can all understand and share. In seeing my work, I aim to encourage this sense of longing within my viewers as well.


Exhibitions at Loop

2014 – Cal.endar.

2011 – The Awkward Phases of My Adolescence 

2009 – homesick, starry-eyed