Sandra Gregson works with drawing, sculpture, and video, and at times, combines these mediums. Her work is about noticing everyday things, and events, in a playful, subtle, and critical way, and, with an intent of linking life and art.
Her 2017 painting exhibition ‘troubling’ developed from a Parks Canada residency at Revelestoke National Park in which her concern was to reconcile the spectacular landscape with what she believes about the fragile state of our environment – from the threatened loss of natural habitat for caribou and bears in that area to global climate change.
“The physical landscape offered magnificent views; my beliefs and knowledge presented others. I began representing land from different viewpoints: observational, aerial, mapped, details, perspective, fragments, historical, in an attempt to embrace what I was seeing with what I was noticing and researching.”
The paintings depict landscape troubled with human intervention: land that is divided, mapped, mined, gridded, cut, scraped, reshaped. At times the land appears resilient, at other times, depleted.

Exhibitions at Loop

2015 – Erebus and Terror

2011 – The Year My Dog Died

2017  Troubling