Richard Sewell, since 1970, as artist, collaborator (in dance, music, performance, and print), and as printmaker, printer, publisher, teacher and administrator/manager, has worked in the arts and in education with- Open Studio, OCADU, ACADU, the University of Saskatchewan, The Print and Drawing Council of Canada, Sheridan College, Oakville, and the University of Toronto, Mississauga. In 1970, Mr. Sewell co-founded Open Studio, and in 1982, he began to teach with Sheridan College’s Art and Art History Program, retiring professor emeritus in 2008. Mr. Sewell currently is resident in Grand Bend, Ontario, wHere, as image investigationist, he pursues a three part study comprised of: wHere, geoplasticimage, gpi, and locusethics)- about the human curiosity called image.


Generic Artist Statement (GAS)

Richard Sewell’s re: occurring work w H e r e, * is an investigation about a human curiosity called image. Considered a located occurrence, here as context, wHere occurs- a notation/a statement located about one as flat experience re: word(s)-object(s). wHere located elsewhere, occurs about as ones dimensional experience, a familial occurrence about/as since the Eolithic. All wHeres, here and now/or there and then, occur/ continue/conclude about one all-ways located. Stationary/moving/observing/reading, one is a co-located object about other located objects/surfaces/notations, together ensemble toward>a located human curiosity called: i m a g e.

*Note- wHere is spelled with a capital second letter (H), and a small first letter (w), so adjusted, to allow one to observe “location” within “occurrence”.

Richard Sewell, i m a g e o l o g i s t
Grand Bend, Ontario
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Exhibitions at Loop

2014 – wHerSequence 1.2

2013 – Show Title