Mindy Yan Miller’s installations and sculpture, investigating labour, identity, loss and commodification, have been exhibited in Canada, Europe and United States since the mid-eighties. With a focus in textiles, Yan Miller holds a BFA and MFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art University. Between these degrees she co-founded and ran a textile based craft studio business in Toronto. Upon completion of her MFA she moved to Montreal where she taught Fibres at Concordia University and worked as an artist from 1990-2006 until moving to Western Canada, returning periodically to Montreal to teach. Yan Miller’s work is frequently materially and medium based often working with masses of found or ready-made materials such as used clothing, human hair, coke cans or most currently cowhides. She is the recipient of numerous Arts Awards and is a strong supporter of artist-run culture. Mindy Yan Miller lives in Saskatoon with her husband and son.

Exhibitions at Loop