Mark Adair studied visual art at York University in the mid seventies when there was a great deal of excitement and optimism around the questions as to what an artist could be and what an artist could hope to achieve. There was an open ended, encouraging atmosphere of investigation and scholarship. What Adair took from the 70’s was a belief that  every artist should have questions.

In the early 80’s, at grad school at the University of Victoria in B.C., Adair turned his attention to the environment and found himself asking the big question that he has been wrestling with ever since. Why can’t we contend with our own behaviour in the world? What is it about us that drives us to do such destructive things?

“The answering of the question has driven me to approach art history with a critical eye. Over the last three decades I have specifically targeted the visual language of the medieval period to make pieces that investigate our myths and our attitudes towards the world around us. In these investigations I have employed many media and recently have completed a ten year narrative drawing series about the adventures of death in the modern world.”

                                                                                                                   – Mark Adair, 2010

Exhibitions at Loop

2015 – Death’s Epilogue, The Glass House Window 

2013 – The Hungry Throat of the Sea