Libby Hague

Thematically, my work examines humane and complex social relationships in a precarious world. Given that we are each ultimately alone, I attempt to address how we can build something bigger than ourselves. Accordingly, my work focuses on agency and our willingness to move beyond autobiography into the world by considering our responsibilities to ourselves and to each other.

I have developed a hybrid practice of print/installation, puppetry/sculpture and video/animation. Each medium stimulates and refreshes the others and so it continues like a feedback loop. The through line is printmaking, more specifically woodcut except perhaps in the spring and fall, when I feel the desire to be outside doing small landscape paintings – my secret vice.

My recent work develops the theme of interconnection as a metaphor embodied in a network of cords that bind and link discrete elements, while providing structural integrity to the work. More connection points provide more support and allow greater, and increasing, complexity.

Young or old, we all try to make sense of the world and to find meaning in our lives – to find the view from a controlling vantage point – the hilltop, where all points converge on us and from us. We make sense of a confusing inner and outer world by creating forms, telling stories and composing the lines of melody. We look for useful patterns and significant detail and try to avoid both oversimplifying and drawing every leaf. But part of maturing is to accept more ambiguity, nuance, and complexity – more underbrush and less control and embracing this world’s glorious confusion.

Exhibitions at Loop

2015 – Alone Together

2013 – Synchromesh

2010 – Safety Net