Lanny Shereck

STUDIO VISITS, an ongoing series of large and small oil paintings, represents artists at work in their studios.

My goal is to invite viewers, to be part of my studio visits, to observe artists moving and creating within their workspaces.

As the artist never looks directly at us, but rather go about the business of making their art, the view I offer is somewhat voyeuristic. In some cases, you cannot see the painting, sculpture, or text on which the artist works.

I want you to see and consider the distinctive work environment of each painter, sculptor or writer.

My process begins with immersing myself in the observation of artists as they are busily engaged in their craft. This immersion includes taking numerous photographs to serve as aide-memoire while painting in the studio.

For STUDIO VISITS, I have installed the paintings in a manner that evokes the experience of visiting a number of artist’s studios allowing you to view and examine each distinctive work environment , as well as the aesthetic sensibilities of different artists.

The tradition of western art history is filled with paintings of artists at work. Most often these are self-portraits which show the artists gazing out at the viewer from within the picture frame.

While my STUDIO VISITS paintings are not self-portraits, I am still very present in each work, and I see the paintings as collaborations between myself and the depicted artists (who are often my friends and colleagues).

The studois and the aesthetic and the narrative qualities of the artwork become a part of my own expressive act.

The result is an authentic depiction of artists, within their unique studios, capturing a moment of creative time, and what at first appears to be the exhilarating, mess of artistic engagement- a mess that belies the order and structure, underlining the individualized arrangement and architecture of each artists studio space.

Exhibitions at Loop

2015 – Studio Visits 3

2013 – Studio Visits

2011 – Homestead