My artistic research addresses the complex potentialities of space through immersive site-specific installations, public art, drawing, collage, performance and object making. Conceptually my thinking on sculpture is formulated on Walter Benjamin’s notion of Image Space (bildraum) where the potentiality of the created image/shape forms a new discourse with the existing space1. Although Benjamin was initially speaking in the 1930’s of surrealism, contemporary sculpture and installation are constantly re-evaluating, expanding and transforming this concept of the malleable parameters of the site.  Contemporary three-dimensional genre invites engagement in a dialogue with notions of sculptural gesture through scale, interactivity, space and time. I see my work, therefore, as an investigation of the margins between dimensionality and mark-making where the installations consider the site-specific nature of the exhibition space as a basic and initial element in the process of re-defining spatial parameters.

Over the past decade or so my works have charted the manifestations of the drawing process in succinct, inter-active and conceptual forms.  In Drawing Devices a series of seven works, many room-sized, complex-articulating arms are activated and manipulated by the engager. Through their brief encounters via these prosthetic-like devices, participants record their time through visible mark-making on large format paper. Over the length of the exhibition these layered gestural lines create a map of accumulated inked pathways, a rich visual record of those inter-active moments.

Exhibitions at Loop

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