J. Lynn Campbell’s practice extends from two-dimensional print/drawing/collage to three-dimensional sculpture/constructions and site-specific installation. She continues to explore various materials and methodologies emphasizing the working process, acknowledging material as tactile imagery and subject. When fabricating her work there are aesthesis considerations that inform a conscious selection of components for a particular purpose. The chosen parts in combination with her process present a possible starting point to link other levels of understanding. For Campbell, the process becomes meditative, and draws on empirical knowledge – the lived experience.

Essence and Senses represents her second exhibition at Loop Gallery, and includes mixed media works on paper and wall-mounted sculptures. Situating the head as the primary location of our sensory faculties, she began by photographing faces of friends, which were digitally altered and reduced to grayscale. After printing, these images are further transformed by manually subtracting and adding to the material base, thereby changing what were once familiar faces into the unfamiliar.

Change is a constant, inside and outside the body. Sensory functions are defined as the extent to which an individual senses skin stimulation, sounds, taste and smell, visual images, and proprioception. Senses are transducers, converting stimuli from the physical domain to the realm of the mind where we interpret the information. Thinking, thoughts, ideas, opinion, judgment, belief – cogitation is a continuous process of evaluation and selection. Essence and Senses speaks to an ever-changing world that challenges our intrinsic nature, sensory functions, and perceptions of the world in which we live and share.

Campbell is a Toronto-based artist who trained at the Ontario College of Art, with independent studies in France, Humanities at the University of Toronto, and Philosophy at York University. She has exhibited in Canada in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and abroad at galleries in Italy, and Germany. Campbell was a member of Workscene Gallery and Artists Co-operative, Broadview Collective (BVW), The Red Head Gallery, The Tree Museum Collective (Toronto/Muskoka), and is currently a member of Loop Gallery. Her work is included in private, public, and corporate collections.

Exhibitions at Loop

2015 – Essence and Senses

2013 – Temporal Matter