Carolyn studied art history at Queen’s and the University of Toronto and taught art at the high school level. She left teaching to open a shop that specialized in decorative textiles from India, Africa and Indonesia. In the first incarnation of the shop Carolyn made her own hand-woven textiles – wall-hangings, rugs and cushions. Since closing her business and going back to school (the Adult Art Program at Central Technical School) Carolyn has focused on painting.

Her acrylic and mixed-media paintings of rocks, roads, and foliage are close-ups of landscape (urban and rural) that focus on the abstract elements of surface patterns and textures – accidents resulting from natural erosion and human use. This emphasis is likely a subconscious response coming from her close connection with textiles for so many years. The ‘zoomed-in-on’ sections that become the paintings are cropped from the much larger landscape, like swatches from bolts of fabric.

Carolyn paints in Toronto and the Georgian Bay area (her neighbourhoods). She exhibited at “loop” as a guest artist in February, 2015, and is now a member of the gallery.

Exhibitions at Loop