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loop MEMBERSHIP - general information

Member artists receive one two-person exhibition each term. Each member is responsible for the mounting of their own show. This includes the hanging and striking of artwork, gallery clean-up, and costs of invitation, opening reception, and advertising. All costs are shared between the two exhibiting artists. The gallery's administrative team oversees all of the above, facilitating the invite design, and working with the artists. The exhibiting artists are expected to sit at the gallery for each Sunday of their show. The administrative staff will be at the gallery the remainder of the time.

Member artists are asked to contribute 2 - 4 hours of volunteer time each month to help with maintenance, promotion, and gallery improvement when necessary. The short and long-term success of the gallery is dependent on cooperation between all of the members.

Artists are asked to make a one 19-month term commitment to the gallery. Although loop is a platform for artists' professional development, members also pursue other venues, such as public, artist-run, or commercial galleries. 

Benefits of Membership 

You Always Have a Place to Show: 

Once you are a loop member, as long as you pay your membership fees and fulfill your volunteer commitment of 2-4 hrs per month, you are entitled to have one two-person exhibition in every 19-month schedule. 


There are no exclusivity clauses at loop; you can exhibit at any other galleries as you choose. 

We'll Handle the Promotion For You:

The gallery’s administrative staff will handle the admin work for many of the marketing materials on your behalf, and will keep track of promotional deadlines. 

We'll Even Monitor the Show For You:

The gallery staff work on site the during all the business hours except Sundays. Members are required to monitor their own show on Sundays. 

Commission is Reasonable:

The gallery retains only 30% of sales. 


What's the Monthly Membership Fee?

The monthly membership fee for the upcoming schedule is still under review by the Executive Committee. It will likely be between $130 and $135/month. 

What Are the Additional Fees Associated with My Show?

The gallery will request $10 for supplies and $12.50 for a Special Occasion Permit associated with your exhibition. Food and beverages at your reception will be at you own cost. 

What Marketing Materials Am I Responsible For?

You'll have to cover the costs of printing postcards, stamps (for up to 500 recipients), photocopies and envelopes for mailing, window lettering ($30). Since each show is a two-person show, costs for these mandatory materials are often shared between the two exhibitors. 

What about Additional Marketing Materials?

These will be administered by gallery’s staff at your request, and at your cost, such as Akimbo broadcast, Slate listing, and magazines ads.

Are Out of Town Artists Eligible?

Members do not have to be from Toronto; we currently have artists from all over Ontario and Canada. International artists are welcome to apply for membership. Any artists that are not from the GTA must actively determine how they can fulfill their volunteer hours. 

How Would I Fulfill the Volunteer Hour Component of Membership?

By participating in committee meetings and doing 2-4 hours of maintenance or administrative work each month. Each member signs up for a volunteer task that they maintain for the duration of the term. For out of town artists, it is likely that you can fulfill your volunteer hours online and during any times you may be in Toronto. If you cannot attend the various meetings and events that we often require volunteers at, you will have to find other ways of contributing time to the gallery. Be sure to mention some of your ideas for how you can fulfill the volunteer commitment in your cover letter with your submission package. 

For  more information about membership or fees please contact the gallery. 


Interested artists should send the following documents on a CD:

Submission Guidelines

Interested applicants should send the following on a USB key or CD:

• A letter of intent stating why you wish to join and how you hope to participate in our collective. Membership involves a volunteer commitment of 2 - 4 hours per month.

• An artist’s statement that discusses the direction of your current body of work and your art practice in general.

• A CV, outlining group and solo exhibitions, publications, reviews, and related experience. 3 Pages maximum.

• No more than 10 jpegs (approximately 6 inches in width) which demonstrate your artistic practice or define the direction your artwork is currently following. Film/video artists may submit 2-3 short videos. Please do not submit other formats such as a website.

• All text files should be submitted in PDF format

Submissions may be delivered in person, or mailed to: 
loop Gallery 
1273 Dundas Street West 
Toronto, ON 
M6J 1X8

NOTE: The gallery will not accept email submissions, hard copies of text documents, catalogues, or any materials other than those outlined above. Submission materials will not be returned.

Submission deadline: June 15, 2015

Questions can be sent to the gallery director, Stephanie D’Amico at (416) 516-2581 orloopgallery@gmail.com

Gallery Hours: 

Wednesday to Saturday: 1-5 PM, Sunday: 1-4 PM or by appointment 

Floor Plan