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Sheryl Dudley


Bachelor of Fine Arts. Rochester Institute of Technology (College of Fine & Applied Arts)

Rochester, New York. 1972

Bachelor of Education, (Honours) in Fine & Industrial Arts, 1975 

                        Visual Arts Tech. Specialist Certificate, 1979

                        University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.

Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Vancouver, B.C. 1986-1987

Graduate studies in painting

Teaching Experience:

The Art Centre, Central Technical School, Toronto, ON.  (1976 – 2005)

     Former Assistant Head and full-time instructor in the post-secondary

     and high school visual arts programs..

Selected Exhibitions


2009    TrashBin paintings, 401 Richmond St. W. (the Roastery), Toronto, ON.

2007    The Cost of Being Fabulous (The Mick & Cindy Show), Lehmann Leskiw Fine Art,

Toronto, ON. 

2003Castoffs, Lehmann Leskiw+Schedler Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1998Spanning Time, Network Gallery, First Canadian Place, Toronto, ON.

Painted City Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1997Antecedents, Painted City Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1995Blizzmax Gallery, Milford, ON.

1990100 Paintings, SoHo/New York Viewing Room, New York, New York.

Versus 2, Canadian Marketing Network, Toronto, ON.

1989Versus, Artefect, Toronto, ON.

                        1987    Plastered, City Walls, Vancouver, B.C.

1981You Name It, New York University Galleries at 80 Washington Square E.

New York, New York


2010     Exposed;Pervasive Influence, Contact at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON.

2009     Pride Art, Rouge Concept Gallery, Toronto, ON.

2008     Rouge Contemporary, Toronto, ON.

2005 Deck da Walls, Lehmann Leskiw Fine Art, Toronto, ON.

WOOF, Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, ON.

2004Central, Loop Gallery, Toronto, ON.

2003Fourplay, Coop Gallery, Toronto, ON.

2000Black and White, Painted City Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1999Painted City Gallery, Toronto,  ON.

1997Scream This, EVICTA Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1996Dislocations, Art Gallery of Prince George, Prince George, B.C.

1995Dislocations, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON.

February Invitational, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1994Dislocations, Kent-Harrison Arts Council Gallery,

Harrison, B.C.

Annual Invitational, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON.

Annual Invitational, Cold City Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1992Annual Invitational, Cold City Gallery, Toronto, ON.

Artefect III, Workscene Gallery, Toronto, ON.

Birth Tales, A Space, Toronto, ON.

Birth Tales, Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.

1990Cold City Gallery, Toronto, ON.

Artefect, Toronto, ON.

Glassworks, Toronto, ON.

1990HousingA Right, The Powerplant Art Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1990Zen Buddhist Temple, Toronto, ON.

Things Fall Apartthe Centre Cannot Hold…, Artefect, Toronto, ON.

1989    Artefect, Toronto, ON.

1988    Artefect, Toronto, ON.

1987Ritual Dwellings, Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto, ON.

Inaugural Exhibition, Artefect, Toronto, ON.

1986Springtide, Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto

Pauline McGibbon Centre, Toronto, ON.

1984Mandeville Gallery, Toronto, ON.

1983    Station Gallery, Sherbrooke, Quebec

1982The Pyramid Gallery, Rochester, New York

Grants and Awards:

1999Creation/Production Grant, Canada Council for the Arts

1996Exhibitions Grant, Ontario Arts Council

1995Short-Term Grant, Ontario Arts Council

1994Short-Term Grant, Ontario Arts Council

1989Exhibitions Grant, Ontario Arts Council

1983Prix de Salon, (painting) City of Sherbrooke, Quebec


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One of the founding members of Artefect, Cooperative Artist’s Gallery, Toronto (1987-1992)