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Richard Sewell

curriculum vitae

where-(a visual-investigation), considers: location- as significant and as morality.

example: one may observe this smallish more-wide-than-narrow rectangular local:

1. as a location, 2. as here and near, 3. as small and flat, and, 4. as an illuminated-surface with

located notations. (notations here being words and images).

where- considers such: locationess, hereness, nearness, smallness, flatness, and observationto

be equally meaningful notations as image.

                                                                                                  richard sewell, grand bend • 10.22.2012

Mr. Sewell has participated in the Canadian cultural landscape since 1970 as: artist, artist-collaborator (in dance, music,performance, and print) and as a printmaker, printer, publisher, and administrator/manager, in the arts and in education. He worked with Open Studio, OCADU, ACADU, the University of Saskatchewan, The Print and Drawing Council of Canada, Sheridan College, Oakville, and the University of Toronto, Mississauga. Mr. Sewell co-founded Open Studio  - the artist-run printmaking facility in Toronto - in 1970, and joined the Art and Art History Program at Sheridan in 1982, working with a generation of students in the areas of printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture, and performance, teaching at all levels. In 2008, Mr. Sewell retired professor emeritus with the Sheridan/UTM Art and Art History program.

Resident in Grand Bend, Ontario, Mr. Sewell pursues where, as a visual investigationist, reflecting on: locusethicism.

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