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Maria Gabankova

Memento Mori

February 4 - 26, 2012


Lush marks of oil sticks and oil paint on mylar contrast with stark visualizations of Memento Mori. They offer a

reflection that can be used to put one's life in a larger perspective, that of immortality.

Images of female figures oscillate between sorrow and hope, life and death, silence or a scream. Their inner enigma and tensions compel a gleam of hope, a light to disperse the darkness. The foot of a smiling female sculpture stands victoriously on a human skull - subjugating death.

"My work in this exhibition responds in part to the research I did in 2011 in Kuks, a baroque architectural complex in the Czech Republic. Fascinated by the genius loci of Kuks I decided to interpret the theme of Virtues and Vices, baroque sculptures by Mathias Braun.

In the context of my earlier work, I am interested in how the divine mystery can be plunged into most ordinary day-today appearance (Pascal Quignard: Georges de la Tour), how the figure of Mary Magdalene with her passions and contemplation is present in every ordinary woman of today, how the reality and mystery of death is thought of in our contemporary society.”