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Phone: 905-951-6984 (W) or 905-880-1206

Email: ebabyn@hotmail.com

 Website: elizabethbabyn.ca



SUMMARY: Obtained a BFA with Honours from Drawing and Painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2005.  Babyn’s current work .derives its inspiration from a selection of under painted images which are further developed with large spontaneous gestural brush strokes in acrylic paint.






2003-2005:             Ontario College of Art and Design. BFA with honours, Toronto, Ontario

2001-2003:             Ontario College of Art and Design, Drawing aand Painting Major with Honours, Toronto, Ontario

1986-1993:             Ontario College of Art and Design, Part- time Fine Arts student, Toronto, Ontario

1980:                         St. Paul’s Hospital, Enterostomal Therapy, Vancouver, B.C

1974-1977:             John Abbott College, Nursing Diploma, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Que.

1969-1974 :            Richmond Regional High School, High School Leaving Diploma





2006-2010:             King’s College School , Caledon On.

                                    Art teacher  

1999-2010:             Self- employed: teaches children’s art classes and summer art camps. Bolton Ontario

1993-1997:             Housewife, interupted studies to care for our four children, part-time artist. 

1982-1986:             Cooper Hospital. Camden. New Jersey

                                     Enterostomal Therapy Nurse

1977-1981:             Royal Victoria Hospital. Montreal, Quebec

                                    Registered Nurse and Enterostomal Therapist







Sept/Oct 2008:       Playing off the Grid,

                                    Loop  Gallery.  1174 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON


May/June:2007     Hopscotch and Bubblegum,

                                    Loop  Gallery.  1174 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON

                                    Globe art Review by Gary Michael Dault.


April/May:2006    Soul Scapes,

                                    Whitney Community Gallery, Peel Heritage Complex, Brampton, ON


April/May:2006    Ode II Joy,

                                    Loop Gallery.  1174 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON


April/May:2005    Soul Symphonics,

                                    Loop Gallery.  1174 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON










 June/July:2010    Williams Mill 

                                    189 Broadway St., Orangeville, ON


Mar./ April:2010  Dragonfly Gallery 

                                    189 Broadway St., Orangeville, ON. 


Nov. Dec:2010        Alton Mill Gallery 

                                     Alton, ON.  A juried art exhibition.


Sept/ Oct:2009       Headwaters arts Festival Juried Show 

                                    SGI Centre, Alton, ON.  A juried art exhibition.


Nov./Dec: 2008       Tastes of Memory

                                    Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy.  An international art exhibit curated by Paola Trevisan.


May/June:2008     Flex,  

                                    Loop Gallery, 1174 Queen St. West, Toronto On

                                    A group exhibit for the world Washi Summit.


April/May:2006    My Passion My Art

                                    SGI Centre, Alton, ON.  A juried art exhibition spearheaded by the Headwaters arts Festival.


Sept/Oct: 2005       The Best of the Best,

                                    SGI  Center, Alton, ON.  A juried art exhibition spearheaded by the Headwaters arts Festival.

                                    Recipient of the Juror’s Choice Award


Sept/Oct: 2004       Headwaters Arts Festival,

                                    Juried art show at the Dufferin Art Museum in Rosemont, ON.


Nov. 2003                Three Artis invite Three Artists,

                                    Lyndia Terre Gallery,169 Queen Street, Alton, ON

                                    Curated by Lyndia Terre, Ropchelle Rubenstein and Ann Shabason.


Oct 2003                                    Eleven Pieces,

                                    Propeller Center for the Visual Arts, 984 Queen St. West, Toronto ON

                                    Curated by Zack Pospieszynski


July 2003:               Soupy,

                                     Loop Gallery.  1174 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON

                                    Curated  by David Urban and Felicia Medina


May 2003:               Be not Afraid

                                    O.C.A.D., 100 McCaul St. Toronto ON.

                                    Graduating Exhebition, one of my paintings was selected for OCAD’s promotional AD’s,                                                invitations and posters.


April 2003:             Go West,

                                    Spin Gallery, Toronto , ON

                                    A joint venture with OCAD  and the Queen St. West art community.


Nov. 2002:               Cacy Fine Arts Exhibit

                                    Caledon East, Ontario

                                    Juried art Exhibit


Oct 2001:                 McMichael Art Show,

                                    McMichael Art Gallery, Klienburg, Ontario

                                    A juried art show that uses proceeds to funds children’s art programs


Sept. 2001-2007:   Caledon East Studio Tour, Caledon Area, ON. Juried art Tour.


PRIVATE COLLECTION:   Peter Caldwell, VP Ontario College of Art and Design

                                                        West Side Lofts

                                                        Collart Collection



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