P. Roch Smith is a sculptor and installation artist currently living and working in Toronto.  Born and raised in Victoria, he holds degrees from the University of Waterloo (BES), Emily Carr University (BFA) and York University (MFA). 

Smith is interested in the role of play in creativity and the dialectic between work and play.  He is interested in how and why we make objects and those instances in which the ‘mark of the maker’ is present in some manner.  These marks might include objects which are not usually considered as “art”: a carpenter who files and sands a tool handle to fit exactly into the palm of their hand or the specific manner in which a hockey player tapes a hockey stick.

He has had solo exhibitions at artist-run, commercial and public galleries throughout Canada including ACCESS (Vancouver, BC); TRUCK Gallery (Calgary, AB); Trent University (Peterborough, ON); Art Gallery of York University (Toronto, ON); Alternator Gallery (Kelowna, BC); Harcourt House Gallery (Edmonton, AB); Comox Valley Art Gallery (Courtenay, BC).  Recent group exhibitions include the IHR Gallery (Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ); AWOL Gallery (Toronto, ON); aka gallery (Saskatoon, SK); Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts (Toronto, ON); and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Halifax, NS).  Other initiatives include an artist residency at EST•NORD•EST Centre de Sculpture (St-Jean-Port-Joli, QC).

“My recent work explores scale, restructuring expectations, disequilibrium and notions of play. The structures speak to work and play: small bronze figures supporting large house forms or moving “body- sized” burdens up inclines and ramps.  The Sisyphean nature of the images might at first speak to a sense of futility, however, I would hope that it might also be read as an honest representation of the integrity of work and the importance of being intentional in our efforts.”

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