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Lanny Shereck

416 929 4554



1983-84Diploma, Technical Education, Faculty of Education,

University of Toronto, Ont.

1975-77Studied sculpture, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Ont.

1975Graduated, Post Secondary, Three Year Special Art Course,

Central Technical School, Toronto, Ont.

Selected Exhibitions

2010“In Between”, Loop Gallery, Toronto

“Neighborhood Watch”, Mon Ton Window Gallery, Toronto

2009“Retrospective”, Central Technical School, Toronto

2008“Overlap” solo, Loop Gallery Toronto

2007“Summer Salon” First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto. Ont.

“Urbanality” Solo, Fran Hill Gallery

2006     “Summer Show Gallery Artists” Fran Hill Gallery

2006     “NOWNOW”, organized by Kathry Bemrose, Fran Hill Gallery   

2005“Fair Game”, solo, Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

“WOOF”, organized by Y.M. Whelan, Fran Hill Gallery

2004“Rite of Passage”, solo, Fran Hill Gallery

“Parrot Project”, Fran Hill Gallery

2003“The Gallery Artists’ Show”, Fran Hill Gallery

“3 + 3”, Lyndia Terre Gallery, Alton, Ont.

“Group Show”, Lyndia Terre Gallery

2002“Photo & Acrylic Collage Paintings”, solo, Fran Hill Gallery

2001“Fun Art”, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto, Ont.

“Evidence of Things Unseen”, Tyndale College and Seminary

“Toronto Outdoor Exhibition”, juried, Nathan Phillips Square, City Hall, Toronto, Ont.

2000“Millennium”, Arts and Letters Club of Toronto – honourable mention prize

“Toronto Outdoor Exhibition”, juried, Nathan Phillips Square, City Hall, Toronto, Ont.

1997“Dancing with the Leviathan”, outdoor fountain sculpture installation at York Quay, Harbourfront, Toronto, Ont.

“Sacred & Profane”, two person, Janice Charach Epstein Museum, West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA

1995“Echoes of Angels”, two person, York Quay Gallery, Harbourfront, Toronto, Ont.

1993“ESH-ESHA” (“I and I”), two person, The Gallery Stratford, Stratford, Ont.

“Mad Dog”, two person, The Hammer Gallery, Hamilton, Ont.

1991“Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water”, solo, Scarborough Campus Gallery, University of Toronto

1990“The Centre Cannot Hold”, artist & curator, Artefect, Toronto, Ont.

1989“I and I”, two person, Artefect

“Plenty”, artist and curator, Artefect

1987“Samhain 87”, York Quay Gallery, Harbourfront

“Totems”, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ont.

1985“The Mouth of Fire”, Harbourfront Community Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

1984“Dancing Wu Li Masters Mask Exhibition”, Studio 620, Toronto, Ont.

1983“Group Exhibition”, John Daniel Centre d’Art, Montreal, Que.

1982“Image 82” Ontario Society of Artists, travelling, Oakville Centennial Gallery, Oakville, Ont., Stewart Hall Gallery, Pointe-Claire, Que.

“Drawing and Sculpture”, Koffler Centre Gallery, North York, Ont.

1981“Group Exhibition”, Stuart Reid Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

1980“Image 80” Ontario Society of Artists, travelling, Burlington, Toronto, Simcoe & Sarnia

“O.C.A. Graduates”, Macdonald Block Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

1979two person, Gallery House Sol, Georgetown, Ont.

1978two person, Hart House Gallery, University of Toronto

Group Show, Gallery 76, Toronto, Ont.

Rental Gallery

             AGO Art Rentals

             VAO Art Rentals

             AGW Art Rentals

             LRAG Art Rentals


R.M. Vaughan, National Post, Sat. Sept. 17, 2005

Gary Michael Dault, “Caught in the gun-sights of an artist”, Globe & Mail, Fri. Sept. 7, 2005, p. R17.

Grants Ontario Arts Council Assistance Grant

1982Ontario Arts Council Grant to Individual Artists


2006“Winds of Change: Renewable Energy in Toronto” , painting commissioned by Sociology Department, University of Toronto.

“Memorial Boxes”, painted wood carving & construction, (3), 10” x 12”, private commission

1989“Aron Kodesh” (Torah cabinet), painted wood carving & construction, 10’ x 10’, Darchei Noam Synagogue, Downsview, Ont.

1988“Rainbow Figures”, wall mounted painted wood construction, 36” x 48”, Over the Rainbow, Yorkville, Toronto, Ont.

1985“Masked Totem”, oak carving, Over the Rainbow, Yorkville, Toronto

1984Designed Samuel Ekler Gold Medal for Highest Standing in Actuarial Sciences, University of Waterloo

1982“Figure Group”, cast cement fondue, fibreglass & steel, 6’ x 6’, Falco Properties, Industrial Park, Scarborough, Ont.

1981“Trilogy”, Carved oak supporting beam, 82” H., John Webb, Toronto

“The Acrobats”, cast cement fondue, fibreglass & steel, 8’ H., Falco Properties ,North York Office Building

1980“Family Portrait”, cast cement fondue, fibreglass & steel , 5’6” H., Falco Properties, Industrial Park, Mississauga, Ont.

1979“Walking Family”, direct cement fondue & welded steel , 7’ H., Falco Properties,Industrial Park, Mississauga


Cupchik, G.C., Shereck, L. & Spiegel, S. (1994). “The Effects of Textual Information on Artistic

Communication”, Visual Arts Research, 20, 62-78.         

Work featured in Borderlines, December 1995

Cupchik, G.C., Spiegel, S. & Shereck, L. (1996), “Unity in the Diversity of Aesthetic  Response”,

Visual Arts Research, 21 (1), 1-10.

Shereck, L. (1960), “Embodying Emotion in Art”, Proceedings of the International Society for

   Research on Emotion.

Cupchik, G.C. & Shereck, L. (1998), “Generating and Receiving Contextualized Interpretations

   of Sculptures”.  Empirical Studies of the Arts.

Lectures/ Presentations

“An artist looks at the creative process”, Congress of the International Assoc. for Empirical   

Aesthetics, Berlin, August 1992.

“Evolving themes: A case study of one artist’s work”, American Psychological Assoc. (Psychology

& the Arts Division), Toronto, August 1993.

“Embodying emotion in art”, International Society for Research on Emotion, Toronto, July, 1996.

“The relationship of narrative to style”, Congress of the International Assoc. for Empirical

Aesthetics, Montreal, August 1994.


Central Technical School “The Art Centre” instructor 1986 to the present in art history, drawing and painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

Research/ Consulting

1986 – 1997 Consultant for psychology of art research with Professor Gerald Cupchik, University       of Toronto.