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Jenn Law

curriculum vitae

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Jenn law is an artist, writer and researcher living in Toronto.  She holds a PhD in Anthropology from SOAS, University of london, England. a BA in Anthropology from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, and a BFA from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.  She has worked as a lecturer, researcher, editor and curator in the UK and South Africa, and has received numerous fellowshios, grants and awards for her work.

Based in print media, book work and paper cutting, Law’s practice is primarily concerned with language mimesis and the production of meaning.  In this, mimicry and repetition - the foundation of print-based culture -  are understood as fundamental to the processes of social learning, language acquisition and the creation of knowledge:

“I am intrigued by multiples and accumulations of images and objects, of patterns created through repetition in the natural world and mimed in culture.  In my work, text is often embedded, collaged and camouflaged into the structure of the natural patterns, playing with the ways in which culture cpoies, appropriates and is read into nature, becoming second nature.  To mimic is to study closely, to simulate, or to tease through the act of impersonation.  The world becomes meaningful through processses of imitation and repetition.”