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Gary Clement


Master's of Environmental Studies York University,1990

Bachelor of Fine Arts York University, 1986


          Editorial Cartoonist, National Post (since 1998)

          Member, Loop Gallery, Toronto (since 2001)

          Sessional Faculty, Ontario College of Art & Design




September 5-27, 2009: Cluster, Loop, 1273 Dundas St. W.

February 2008:  My Space, Loop, 1174 Queen St. W.

June 2006:         Urbi et Orbi, Loop,1174 Queen St. W

March 2005:        Citizens, Loop,, 1174 Queen St. W. 

March 2003:        Loop, 1174 Queen St. W.        


June 2001:          Loop, 1174 Queen St. W. 


May 2008:     Galerie Trois Points, Montreal

2003:               Yael Brotman/Gary Clement/Lisa Petrocco, Galerie Trois Points, Montreal.    May 3-24, 2003

2000:     MEAT, Galerie 418,  Montreal, Quebec. October 14-November 18

1999:              MEAT, 107 Church St., Toronto, Ontario. November 6-27

1997:    Paperbacked/Paperbound,  Blackwood Gallery, University of    Toronto/Erindale, Mississauga, Ontario.

1997:               Meg Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1995:               Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto City Hall, Toronto, Ontario

1994:               Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto City Hall, Toronto, Ontario


(selected list of publications):

National Post, This Magazine, Chatelaine, The New York Times, How, Yale Medical Journal, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Time, Fortune, Civilization, Mother Jones, House & Garden, The Chicago Tribune, Courrier International, The Guardian

Selected Awards:

2007:     National Leadership Award, Ontario History and Social Science Teachers' Association

              Society of Newspaper Design Award, Gary Clement's Canada- A Cartoon Journey Across the



               Canada Council 50th Anniversary participant

2001:      Gold, Book Design/Illustration for   "Observatory Mansions", by Edward Carey, (Vintage Canada),

               Advertising & Design Club of Canada

2000:      Gold , Poster design, (MEAT), Advertising & Design Club of Canada

1999:      Governor General's Award, Children's illustration, (The Great Poochini)

1997:      National Magazine Award, illustration

                Gold , Graphic design, Advertising & Design Club of Canada

                Mixed Media Award, Blackwood Gallery (from Paperbacked/Paperbound show)

1995:      Drawing Award, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

1994:     Murray Kofffler Founding Chairman's Purchase Award ,  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

               Best Drawing Award, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

               American Illustration

Chosen: 17, 19, 21

Selected: 24, 25, 26

Selected Reviews:

September 7, 2009: “Art Agenda: Gary Clement and Richard Mongiat at loop Gallery”. Derek Flak, blogTO

February 6, 2008: “Waiting For Blast-Off”. Adam McDowell, National Post

April 7, 2005 : "For those in need of a good hit of city".  Julia Dault, National Post

March 31, 2005:  "Dual show at Loop an eye opener." Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star

April 3, 2003:   "Four spring shows launch the greening of the gallery circuit."  Thomas Hirschman, Now


June 28, 2001:  "Parkdale gallery promenade gives unexpected psychic shock."  Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star

Children' Books:

Written & Illustrated

"The Great Poochini", Groundwood Books, 1999

"Just Stay Put", Groundwood Books. 1996


“Coyote Solstice”, Groundwood Books, 2009

"Ten Old Men and a Mouse", Tundra Books, 2007

"One Eye! Two Eyes! Three Eyes!", Atheneum Books, 2007

"Stories from Adam and Eve to Ezekiel", Groundwood Books, 2004