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Eric Farache


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Farache's Quixtopia plays with visions of future utopias from a mind that exists in the tipping point between boyhood and manhood, a future where magical creatures and naked ladies could both exist. An imagined perfected reality from that narrow window, precisely when one foot is in childhood heroes, another in x-rated fantasy. 

Every canvas/sheet of paper is a utopia that the artist attempts to build up or destroy with each mark. A utopia is an ideal, forever not to be realized, as soon as something becomes concrete and tangible the ideal is lost- ideals which are the very windmills we hurl ourselves toward again and again.

These paintings reveal broken perfections, moments of happiness gone awry, these befuddling and lost utopias- these Quixtopias.

Farache was born in 1971.  He received a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Leeds, and is an Alumni of the Ontario College of Art in Toronto where he lives and works. Trained in classical painting techniques, he has been working in photography for the past 10 years, while maintaining elaborate sketchbooks as part of his artist practice. Quixtopia, is Farache’s second show of larger painted works with loop Gallery.