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July 2016

Gev Marotz: Childhood

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July 27 – August 6, 2016

Opening Reception: July 28, 2016, 6-9PM

Gev Marotz Ship

Loop Gallery is pleased to announce Childhood, a new exhibition of works by guest artist, Gev Marotz.

In this latest suite of works, Marotz investigates his nostalgic attachment to objects from childhood. The focus here is not on the quality of that childhood, but rather his earliest memories of images and objects. His process does not know a time limit (as memories from childhood often do before being altered or distorted by time), which allows Marotz to use the base image as a platform for practicing and skillfully exercising technique. Through this process, the artist imbues fragments of his nostalgia into the work and breathes a new kind of life into the image. The end result aims to provide a visual living experience and a roadmap for looking.

For Marotz, a work is not finished until it is seen. With this in mind, Marotz caters to a broad audience of not only art makers, critics, writers, or members of the “art scene”, but to anyone with a desire to look. His goal is to create an image that can engage its viewers on a variety of levels and therefore invests the time to work a number of layers, both physical and critical, into each piece.

Gev Marotz was born in Israel and has lived and shown his work in many countries across the world including Germany, China, the United States, and Canada. He studied graphic design at the School of Advertising Art and currently works as Global Creative Director at Konrad, a digital innovation firm.


Loop Turns Sweet Sixteen

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Post by Tara Cooper

Loop’s current show Sweet Summer Sixteen, a group show featuring members past and present, celebrates Loop’s birthday. The show’s title reminded me of the 1984 John Hughes film Sixteen Candles starring Molly Ringwald. In recognition of Loop’s sweet accomplishment I pulled some quotes from the film…. a kind of preface to the photo essay of the exhibition.

“It’s really stupid. He doesn’t even know I exist”.

“Are you going to class today. I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready.”

“I know it just hurts.”

“That’s why they call them crushes. If they were easy they’d call them something else.”

“When you find the right guy. Don’t let him boss you around.”

“What’s happenin’, hot stuff.”

“I really love Rudy. He is totally enamoured to me. I mean I’ve had men who’ve loved me before, but not for six months in a row.”

Loop Summer Show3

Jane Lowbeer’s “Pond”, mixed media, 8.5″ x 11″, 2016.

loop summer show7

John Abrams’ “Netflix”, oil on panel, 18″ x 24″, 2016.

Loop summer show photo

Adrian Fish’s “Tropical Island #2457″, archival inkjet print, 24″ x 36”, 2015.

Loop Summer show6

Suzanne Nacha’s “Iron Age”, oil on canvas, 20″ x 24″, 2016.

loop summer show 8

Rochelle Rubenstein’s “Welcome Skirt”, block printed, painted, and embroidered silk, 21″ x 21″, 2014.

loop summer show 16

David Holt’s “Four Cats”, acrylic on linen, 12″ 12″, 2016.

Loop Summer Show2

P. Roch Smith’s “Branch Rifle”, bronze on wood shelf, 16″ x 6″ x 5″, 2016.

loop summer show12

J. Lynn Campbell’s “The sky was a blameless blue”, archival giclee print 16″ x 15″, 2013.

loop summer show10

“Sweet Summer Sixteen” installation shot.

loop summer show17

Gary Clement’s “Singvogel”, watercolour, pen, and ink, 15.25″ x 12.25″, 2016.

loop summer show18

Libby Hague’s “Spring — Little Apple Tree”, acrylic and oil on canvas, 12″ x 15″, 2015.

loop summer show14

Lanny Shereck’s “Breakfast in Kyoto”, oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″, 2015.

loops summer show13

Ester Pugliese’s “Interval”, acrylic, chalk, carbon pencil, and chalkboard paint on panel, 8″ x 10″, 2016.


Yael Brotman’s “Wove”, foam core and theatre gel, 7″ x 7″, 2016.

loop summer show15

Kim Stanford’s “Monument to the Mundane”, bronze and pastino (plinth—found laundry soap, plastic basket), 11″ x 8″ x 7″, 2014.


Richard Sewell’s “about/as”, coroplast, laminated post-it note, located/photo-activated/notation, cable ties, screw, polyethylene and vinyl tubing, recycled milk bag, and string, 6″ x 12″ x 3″, 2016.


Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen, Loop

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July 13 -24, 2016

Reception July 16, 2 – 5 PM


loop (1)

Loop Gallery is pleased to announce Sweet Summer Sixteen, a group show featuring a number of Loop member artists.

Established in the summer of 2000 by Richard Mongiat and Catherine Beaudette as an alternative and collectively-run exhibition space for professional artists, Loop Gallery has been a mainstay for engaging cultural activity in Toronto’s West end for sixteen years! This summer, Loop members have come together to celebrate its success with a show of smaller works in a range of media. Sweet Summer Sixteen honours the diversity of art practices within Loop’s membership and the history of the gallery within the artist-run culture in Toronto.

The opening reception will also feature a screening of the new documentary film about Loop, which is part of the Collective City series. Collective City endeavors to trace the history of artist generated galleries, collectives, and artist initiatives that operated as alternative exhibition venues in Toronto from the late 1980’s to present day. Over the course of 25 short videos, it hopes to show how a movement that started as a group of renegade artist collectives exhibiting their work in temporary spaces eventually evolved into the sustainable artist collective galleries we are familiar with today.