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5 Questions with Kipjones

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Today’s your last chance to see Staged Standards by kipjones. Here’s a behind the scenes piece called 5 Questions With and some images in case you can’t make it out. By Tara Cooper

5 Questions with Kipjones

  1. What’s your elevator pitch for your current show?

My intension with this work is to speak to the notion of architectural icons as sculptural gestures. The premise was to develop a formal relationship between the solid and a skin representation of the form—a palindromic image.

  1. What was your strategy for the install at Loop? Were there any challenges?  


  1. How do you spend your time when you’re not working in the studio?

Life is a combination of working as a sessional at OCADU, family and friends, documentaries at the Bloor Street Cinema, and biking in the city.

  1. What artist living or dead would you most like to have dinner with?  What would you order? What question would you ask him/her?

Simon Starling the English Turner Prize winner. His work speaks about process through journeys.  So my idea would be to have lunch on a meandering river, the current moving us along, two canoes lashed together sharing whatever each of us brought for the journey. When done each canoe drifts away in our separate directions.

  1. What’s next in terms of your studio practice? 

At this moment, I am in process of finishing off 2 cast iron works that were cast in Latvia last summer, which will go to Prince Edward County for the summer.
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